Plus for the IT Manager

You are responsible for the corporate network and help desk functions!  You already know what Cloud Computing means and that it is not new technology, not really.  You know about mainframes and thin clients/dumb terminals.  You understand the concept of the Virtual Machine and Virtualization.  You may even wish you had the budget to move your company network to an in-house VDI model… but you don’t.  It’s still kind of expensive and requires a staff of people to administrate.  Might be nice to have a bigger IT staff to manage so you don’t have to do everything yourself, but there is really no budget for that either.

Well, maybe we can help?  We could be your IT staff to manage.  We can provide the Virtual Servers and the Virtual Workstations.  We can make sure your basic licensing of MS Office, MS Windows and MS Servers is all taken care of.  We can add a new user for you and set up the workstation in accordance with your corporate policy or departmental policy. We can make sure their email is deployed too.  And if the Virtual Workstation becomes damaged we can fix that quickly.  We can monitor your network for threats to make sure you are as secure as possible.

We can be the staff that allows you to focus on more important issues.  You know—the things you wish you could spend your time on.  You can spend time to develop training for the end users so they can become more productive.  You can work with business units to develop new systems, find or develop software that will allow them to be more cost effective or dare we say profitable?  You can work with the Executive Staff to determine what is required to assist with corporate strategy early in the process so that you are not scrambling to make systems meet up with new directives.  If custom development is required, this is another way we can help.  Just keep that in mind when the time comes.  We may already have the team of programmers you need to develop a custom solution.

If any of that sounds interesting and just reading it made you begin to relax and think you may actually get some personal time in the future, then let’s chat.  We would love to come to work as a part of your IT team.  It’s up to you to set the direction and define how we can help, just contact us at  Don’t wait till the last minute, let’s start developing a relationship now.