Plus What?

Ashmar’s Pure Computing Plus  is a secure and flexible business network, provisioned on a cloud platform, that enables us to quickly deploy and manage Applications, Workstations and Servers  across a global network of professionally managed data centers.

We move your corporate network onto the Internet so that you can:

  • Reduce Capital Expenses by replacing PCs with cheaper, greener thin clients;
  • Improve desktop recoverability by moving desktops from the edge to the data center and backing them up with standard server-class tools;
  • Meet security, regulatory compliance, and e-discovery mandates by ensuring desktop data remains in the data center at all times;
  • Reduce Operational Expenses by simplifying management – Gold image management, patching, provisioning, and application packaging and delivery.HVDInfo

Well that’s the quick version, but you probably have a lot more questions. Pick one of these options or both to learn more about Pure Computing Plus.

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